• Photo: Chess

A Brief History Of Chess

Chess originated in India as a simulation of battle, and quickly spread and became a popular pastime. The history of chess includes much legend and uncertainty.  One such story is that the game originated in a feud between two warring brothers.  Full Story »

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    History of Monopoly®

    Like many game in history, Monopoly® has a colorful one! Most board games start out with a simple idea, and this is the same for Monopoly®. The board game history started in 1904 when Elizabeth Magie received a patent for the game. Ms. Magie developed the game to show others the economic ideas of Henry George.  Full Story »

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    History of Checkers

    Most of us as children assumed that when we played checkers that it was a new fangled game, but this simply is not true! The history of checker goes back much further than many people realize! In fact, archeological digs have proven that checkers has been played since around the time of 1400 BC.  Full Story »

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    History Of Table Tennis

    The history of table tennis reveals that the game parallels the development of the game of tennis which is played on outdoor and indoor courts. Table tennis, sometimes identified as ping-pong, is a game that can be played by two or four players. Full Story »

  • Photo: History of Bowling

A discovery made in the twentieth century revealed an ancient Egyptian grave that contained, among other objects, bowling pins and a bowling ball.

  • Photo: History of Bowling

Bowling balls during the Medieval era were asymmetrical...